czerwone szpilki z odkrytą piętą

„Fashion shades. Only style remains the same”. Stylish women’s shoes and fashion trends.

While it is true that heels improve the appearance and make the figure slimmer, flat shoes are the answer to the daily needs of life in a busy city. World designers are increasingly focusing their attention on flat shoes. This trend is valid in the coming summer season for a reason.

Let fashion fall at your feet, not the other way around!


Finding the right footwear is a real challenge among the multitude of styles available on the market. Therefore, it is worth following one simple rule: choose stylish women’s shoes, whether they are sneakers, loafers, sandals or boots. Yes, stylish. But what does that actually mean?

„Fashion shades. Only style remains the same”
Coco Chanel

This is a timeless quote. Thanks to the style, you will express yourself and your unique personality. Stylish shoes can be flat and comfortable. Then they will surely follow you in the urban jungle.

Your comfort above all

Focus on your comfort. Take into account that many flat shoes do not hold well to your feet, why? Because, as I mentioned in the previous article (Can you buy summer shoes?), anatomy has its own rules. Therefore, pay attention to shoes that can be easily adjusted to the width of the foot for maximum comfort of use.

In search of a child’s element

Sometimes we lack the courage to express ourselves and we follow the wave of fashion trends. Pictures of shoes from world designers are flowing almost everywhere. After all, each of us has our own unique style, sometimes we just forget about it. Remember when you were a child, or see your children who carelessly choose shoes according to their feelings, emotions. This is the style in which they find themselves, they want to emphasize their opinion, their “I”. Usually, they don’t care about matching the color to the outfit, they just wear shoes they like. They like it because they are comfortable, they suit them, they feel comfortable in them.

Therefore, find a childlike element in yourself. When choosing everyday footwear, choose your style, comfort, freedom of movement and perfect fit. Nowadays, the choice is wide, you can be stylish without sacrificing comfort.

You’ve got only one pair of feet for a lifetime, use them wisely! Take care of them by choosing the right shoes in your unique style!